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VEGA Alkaid Tour Driver

The original Alkaid was most advanced driver we’ve ever made. The new Alkaid Tour has been tweaked to give a more solid feel at impact with more weight strategically placed across the sole to enhance performance.
Loft: 10° (adjustable to 9° or 12°).

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The 360° carbon body remains with airflow stabilizer all carbon fibre too allowing us to position and shape the channels for maximum aerodynamic performance giving the most efficient and stable head possible.

The VEGA Alkaid Driver is fitted with a SST PURE VEGA Black Graphite Wood Shaft.

  • Maximum aerodynamic performance
  • New airflow stabilizer design
  • Interchangeable Shafts

VEGA Driver Headcover included.

Stock build: VEGA Black Graphite Wood Shaft + VEGA Tour Density (Half Cord) grip.


Stock build - shaftStock build - grip

Loft 10° (adjustable to 9° or 12°)
Lie 60°
Weight 190

Trible Collars Adapter Settings

Standard loft, lie neutual, neutual Standard loft, lie neutual, draw Standard loft, lie plus, neutual Standard loft, lie plus, draw
D/LN/-1 D/LN/+2 D/L+/-1 D/L+/+2
Draw/lie neutual/loft -1 Draw/lie neutual/loft +2 Draw/lie plus/loft -1 Draw/lie plus/loft +2
+1/LN/N +1/LN/D +1/L+/N +1/L+/D
Loft +1, lie neutual, neutual Loft +1, lie neutual, draw Loft +1, lie plus, neutual Loft +1, lie plus, draw
N/LN/-1 N/LN/+2 N/L+/-1 N/L+/+2
Neutual/lie neutual/loft -1 Neutual/lie neutual/loft +2 Neutual/lie plus/loft -1 Neutual/lie plus/loft +2
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