About VEGA

About 120 years ago, the first golf course in Japan was built in Kobe. At that time there was no golf club production in Japan, but coincidentally it was the area around Kobe which was famous for metal work, especially the forging of Samurai swords, a highly skilled traditional craft. These sword making skills have been passed down through generations. It was not long before it was realised that these same forging techniques could be readily adapted to create another precision instrument, the golf club. When one of these expert craftsmen returned from Kobe to his home town of Ichikawa the manufacture of the finest quality golf clubs was established here and VEGA was born.

VEGA has since worked tirelessly in pursuit of the perfect golf club. We were the first to produce forged cavity back irons and now have a diverse range. We are proud of our most talented craftsmen who start with raw material and go on to create fully finished works of art.

In 2011, VEGA was purchased by Professional Golf Europe Ltd. Under the guidance of the new team in the UK, VEGA has maintained it’s Japanese heritage, whist new product designs have emerged to make VEGA available to golfers of all levels, whilst retaining the ethos and integrity VEGA is renowned for.

Mastering the art of design takes a lifetime’s experience. We believe in puritan design. We believe in simplicity, which is the hardest thing in design but also the aspect that delivers a timeless quality.

VEGA has a proud history. Recognizing this heritage, without being bound by it, is the key to our success. It’s about acknowledging your past, but it’s about driving the future, moving forward.

Forged in our past yet driving forward in our design.