Alcor Tour Wedge

Vega Alcor Tour Wedge

Vega Alcor Tour Wedge

Multi-material construction and interchangeable bounce make the Alcor Tour the most versatile, easiest and highest spinning wedge we have ever made.

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First Look - Vega Alcor Tour Adjustable Sole Wedge

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£249 - Choice of loft and bounce (Low, Mid or High)
£329 - Choice of loft and bounce. Includes interchangeable bounce kit (two additional soles and wrench).

Choose the perfect bounce for your wedge with interchangeability giving the option to change bounce dependent on the ground you’re playing on throughout the year.

Raising the centre of gravity higher up the face increases spin rate. Moving the weight to the toe makes it easier to square the club up and hit precision shots

Our new reverse CNC spin milling to the face gives unsurpassed backspin.

  • Super light weight Ti sole
  • Thicker body high and near the toe
  • Interchangeable titanium sole/bounce
  • Super soft one piece carbon steel gives amazing feel
  • Carbon Steel Body + Ti bounce weight


Loft° 52 56 60
Lie° 64 64 64
Bounce 8/10/12 8/10/12 8/10/12
Body Weight (g) 260 265 265
Sole Weight (g) 40 40 40
Total Weight (g) 300 305 305


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