Alkaid Driver

Vega Alkaid Driver

Vega Alkaid Driver

The most advanced driver we’ve ever made. The Alkaid is the first Vega driver to have interchangeable shafts in open play.

Two piece construction utilising a full carbon fibre crown and Airflow stabilizer back and a Tisole and face.

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The Vega Alkaid Driver is out of stock until August 2021

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The Slide-Track weight port enables the player to adjust launch and spin characteristics giving the ultimate in customisation. The airflow stabilizer has been reengineered in carbon fibre allowing us to position and shape the channels for maximum aerodynamic performance giving the most efficient and stable head possible.

The Alkaid is the first Vega driver to have interchangeable shafts in open play.

  • Maximum aerodynamic performance
  • New airflow stabilizer design
  • Interchangeable Shafts


Loft° 10
Lie° 60
Weight 190

Trible Collars Adapter Setting

Standard loft, lie neutual, neutual Standard loft, lie neutual, draw Standard loft, lie plus, neutual Standard loft, lie plus, draw

D/LN/-1 D/LN/+2 D/L+/-1 D/L+/+2
Draw/lie neutual/loft -1 Draw/lie neutual/loft +2 Draw/lie plus/loft -1 Draw/lie plus/loft +2

+1/LN/N +1/LN/D +1/L+/N +1/L+/D
Loft +1, lie neutual, neutual Loft +1, lie neutual, draw Loft +1, lie plus, neutual Loft +1, lie plus, draw

N/LN/-1 N/LN/+2 N/L+/-1 N/L+/+2
Neutual/lie neutual/loft -1 Neutual/lie neutual/loft +2 Neutual/lie plus/loft -1 Neutual/lie plus/loft +2


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