Vega National Fitting Centre

No1 Golf Shop at Stone Driving Range - Located just north of Stafford and only minutes from the motorway network Stone Driving Range is home to the VEGA National fitting centre.

Stones highly trained fitters are experts at taking in-depth swing information by using the very latest club fitting technology. This technology determines the optimum combination of club head, shaft, grip, swing weight, movable weight configuration and flight control settings to optimise the golfer’s performance. This combined with the legendary accuracy and performance of VEGA Golf equipment means the golfer will be treated to the ultimate personal fitting experience.

Vega National Golf Fitting Centre - Stone, Staffordshire Vega National Golf Fitting Centre - Stone, Staffordshire

Clients will be treated exactly like PGA Tour players and experience the same process, equipment and TrackMan Launch Monitor technology that the best players in the world rely on to improve their game.

To get fitted for the ultimate clubs call: 01785 760 868 or email: [email protected]

Stone Driving Range :
Cold Norton,
ST15 0NS